Sunday, August 29, 2004

Popular MyDailyHoroscope Lands on Lavasoft Ad-Aware Threat Assessment Chart 

The lastest malware appearing on the August 22, 2004 Threat Assessment Chart from Ad-Aware includes MyDailyHoroscope and SearchExtender. There are also updated specs on BargainBuddy, AdTomi, and SideFind. There are lists of known computer hijacking threats including rogue anti-spyware applications and remedies on the internet at spywareinfo or spywarewarrior.

MyDailyHoroscope is still widely distributed, as a check with all the major search engines revealed, although Ad-Aware and PestPatrol both identify it as malware. The dating services, casinos, and astrology zones that distribute this winner use a come-on like: "Take the mystery out of your future and get the personal astrology delivery service from MyDailyHoroscope.net"

SearchExtender appears along with HomeSearchAssistant and ShoppingWizard. The company has an uninstaller website that is suspected of re-installing this offender. Some infected users have had to use three or four methods to eliminate this scourge from diverting their browsers to unwelcome websites.

Bargain Buddy is software which, based on your Internet browsing habits, generates popup advertisements whenever you browse the web – it gets installed mostly as part of other products such as Net2Phone, some versions of the LimeWire file sharing software, some versions of the email alert program from www.mail.com, and other software titles.

AdTomi sends YahooStocks stock-tracker program that hijacks your browser to zestyfinds.com and serves select advertising. They use a combination of pop-ups and replacement ads to bring their messages to your attention.

SideFind is another adware and hijacking irritant that tracks your Google searches. It offers suggestions based on your search history and tries to point you to chosen destinations.

Newest listings in the Ad-Aware target base:

Updated signatures for
404Search (+2 variants)
AdTomi (+2 variants)
BargainBuddy (+1 variant)
BDE (+1 variant)
BroadcastPC (+1 variant)
ClickSpring (+3 Variants)
CoolWebSearch (+3 variants)
DyFuCa (+3 variants)
ExactSearchBar (+1 variant)
eZSearchBar (+1 variant)
IELoader (+3 variants)
IPInsight (+3 Variants)
ISTBar (+1 variant)
Lop (+4 variants)
midADdle (+2 variants)
PowerScan (+1 variant)
Rads01.quadrogram (+5 variants)
SideFind (+1 variant)
Statblaster (+2 variants)
VX2.AbetterInternet (+3 Variants)
Webdialer (+2 variant)
WinPup32 (+1 Variant)

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