Saturday, October 25, 2003

Sorry...Page Temporarily Unavailable: EarthLink's 1GB Bandwidth Quotas Close Sites Mid-month 

The Web page or file that you requested is temporarily unavailable is a message that can emerge from a search request for several reasons. It usually appears because the target website is undergoing editing, server maintenance, or request overloads. A message like this may be generated by a web search with filters on, where the target is below the filter threshold. You could get a temporarily unavailable message if your Internet Service Provider is experiencing power drains.

EarthLink has found another way to use the "Sorry - Page Temporarily Unavailable" dead-end. Here is their message:
Sorry...Page temporarily unavailable. The web page or file you requested is temporarily unavailable. It has been so popular this month that it exceeded its free monthly traffic allotment. Access to this Web site will be restored on the first of next month. Please come back then. Thank you for your visit!

Bandwidth quotas are their sweet way of managing capacity with IP address sharing. All EarthLink Members receive at least 10MB free webspace. Each member's free webspace is allocated at least 1GB of traffic per month. If the site exceeds their monthly allotment of traffic, the site becomes unavailable until the next month. A site that exceeds the maximum allowed webspace size also becomes unavailable. Unavailability includes but may not be limited to: the inability to access the site publicly or to publish to or modify the site's contents via certain Web creation tools.

Traffic is calculated with a formula multiplying the number of hits that your site receives by the size of your files.
Hits are defined as active clicking of any link on your page. Page is defined as a document, commonly an HTML file.
Often a site will get 90% of its hits to HTML pages, but 90% of bandwidth from image, movie, or music files. Any free Web site exceeding the traffic limits will be billed for excess traffic, they warn in their policies, but that's not likely if they're putting up site unavailable messages.

About.com Inc. Microstudy Subject: CalVal News Headlines 

About Search, hosted by Global Servers and part of About Network from About.com, Inc., uses the marketing slogan "What You Need to Know". The About Network maintains their directory of recommendations edited by real people. They are placing DoubleClick ads above the result and advise at the very end that "some of the 'On the Web' results powered by Inktomi."

This is the microstudy of one listing for CalVal News, my headline-grabbing newspaper powered by Moreover's large free database. It's a quick way to see hundreds of international headlines from a variety of sources.

On the About Network: Avalon Hill's Battlecry - Board Games - All about Avalon Hill's Battlecry.
On the Web: CalVal News Displaying results 1 to 10 of 60

1.CalVal News Headlines
CalVal News Headlines email: . . . . . . . . . . . . ------------'>' email: ' Sports Local Business/Tech International Entertainment Weather
URL: http://www.geocities.com/phemy@prodigy.net

2.CalVal Local News
Daily online newspaper features hundreds of headlines with links to the original story. Teletype style breaking news stories from local and international sources, sports coverage, and national weather reports.
URL: http://www.geocities.com/phemy@prodigy.net/page2.html

3. About Search - Find it now! Search the power of About's network of topics
URL: http://headlines.about.com/news/1999/12/27/up/0000-0804-us-y2k-pentagon.htm ...
...leading to a Verisign site with a Network Solutions "under Construction" banner.

4. SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement
Download PDF Version of the SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement A PDF version of the SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement is available.
URL: http://daac.gsfc.nasa.gov/CAMPAIGN_DOCS/OCDST/poster_supplement.html

When searching by my screenname Phemy, I find they linked the title (CalVal Local (breaking) News) to Exquisite Corpse broken news (sorry) like this:

*(Entry)CalVal Local News(leads to URL below)
issue 7 home | broken news | criticual urgencies | cyber bag | ec chair | ficciones | gallery letters | reviews | secret agents | serials | stage and screen Nilla-Killa by Tom Bradley "Little by little, we shall see the universal horror unbend, and
URL: http://www.corpse.org/issue_7/ficciones/bradley.htm

*(Next Entry)About Search - Find it now!(leads to Url below)
Daily online newspaper features hundreds of headlines with links to the original story. Teletype-style breaking news stories from local and international sources, sports coverage, and national weather reports.
URL: http://www.geocities.com/phemy@prodigy.net/page2.html

Fifteen Seconds at MetaCrawler's Back Door 

Current unfiltered MetaCrawler searches October 24, 2003 and a look at the results

*-dave schoeneman

Metasearch results for "dave schoeneman" (1 - 20 of 49)
Result #1 is probably the winner:
...HOMEWOOD Featuring Professional Appraisers SUSAN and ALLAN BAGDADE from HGTV's Appraisal Faire - - - - - DAVE SCHOENEMAN from Shane's and many others ADMISSION: $10 for 2 items to be appraised. 4 item maximum Public Is Welcome

The only other positive hit is result #3 on Meta Crawler and #2 Google: File Format: Microsoft Word 2000 - View as HTML
... 1.2 Announcements Jeanne Hughes: Dave Schoeneman has been appointed interim-Superintendent at a local school district; By-Laws allow him to technically remain ...

Oddly Casebook:Jack the Ripper is the #1 Google search result for Dave Schoeneman.
... Bob Hinton (1), Book Reviews (10). Boston (2), Brian W. Schoeneman (1). ... Daniel
Farson (2), Dartmoor Suspect (1). Daryl Cozart (1), Dave Froggatt (1). ...
*-"nike mug"

Metasearch results for ""nike mug"" (1 - 20 of 32)
" I received a special edition Nike mug."
"...he also bid heavily for a Nike Mug,"
" My goal is to win a Nike mug..."
"The Big Sexys defeated Nike Mug..."

Without quotes, the #1 Google result of 36,200 is epinions.com
"Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Nike Nike Thermal Mug". Above the fold are two paid ads, the ubiquitous ebay and 24hourmall.com.

With quotation marks added, "nike mug" returns 1-9 of about 11. Amazing?
The initial ad is for $0.59 Mugdeal and there are five sidebar ads, one of these being ebay.
*-remote control sex

Unfiltered Metasearch results for "remote control sex" (1 - 20 of 86)
#1 result--Weemote - Children's Remote - Children and Sex - Parental Control
#2 result http://www.sheloveshertoys.com/remote/remote.html
Filtered Metasearch results for "remote control sex" (1 - 20 of 58)
1. Weemote - Children's Remote - Children and Sex - Parental Control
2. ...to promote radio controlled modeling to those interested.
Most of the rest are sources of sex toys...I like them...but these are suppose to be the filtered responses.

444,000 Google results for this query returned in 0.17 seconds; 444,000 matches with remote + control + sex or any combination of these words in Google's indexed websites.
*-"lois ann kroll"

Metasearch results for ""lois ann kroll"" (1 - 11 of 11)
" ... Arabian Costumes, by Lois Ann Kroll (available from the International ArabianHorse Association) shows how the native costumes and tack are made. ...
Google returned nine results and all were about the same person. Good job.
*-mitocondrial dna and eve

Both MetaCrawler and Google ask: Did you mean: mitochondrial dna and eve?
Metasearch results for "mitocondrial dna and eve" (1 - 20 of 58)
1. Australia DNA Challenges Human Origin Theories [Free Republic]

There are 78 results with this spelling, the most prominent publication using it being Action Science:
...Description: Technical article describing recent DNA studies and evolution hypotheses, by Max Ingman.
Category: Science > Biology > Evolution > Human > Multiregional Theory
www.actionbioscience.org/evolution/ingman.html - 85k - Cached - Similar pages....

Properly spelled, 8,370 pages use this combination of words, with a prominent example here:
Tracing mother Eve using mitochondrial DNA
... Mother Eve in dispute with ape-man. ... the origins of present-day humans from various
molecules to be found in the cell, one of which, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is ...
www.biblicalcreation.org.uk/origins_archaeology/ bcs023.html - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
*-"2004 world's fair"

Metasearch results for ""2004 world's fair"" (1 - 20 of 38)
Including ...2004 World's Fair of Money, Pittsburgh, PA, Aug 18-22 ...
Result #2: Delusions of Adequacy Columns - Media Matters
... of "Imagine That" by outlining specific plans to sabotage thrill rides at the planned (still using made up examples over here, boss) 2004 World's Fair to be ...

Google Search Results 1 - 10 of about 15.
... The 1904 World's Fair Society, established in 1986, published the monthly World's
Fair Bulletin and proposed staging a 2004 World's Fair in St. Louis....
...... The next World's Fair will be Aichi 2005 in Seto, Japan...

Metasearch results for "food" (1 - 20 of 101)
The #1 result is the same as the sidebar banner, but it's a good offer--
The Great Taste of Schwan's Meals
Discover the taste of Schwan's with an initial $30 purchase and get a free dinner brought right to your front door. Click here to learn more about the value and quality of Schwan's.

The MeatCrawler #3 result:
Canned Food - The Easy Way to Eat Right
Looking for a new food recipe? The Canned Food Alliance recipe database contains hundreds of recipes complete with preparation time, cook time and nutritional information.

Google Results 1 - 10 of about 92,300,000. Search took 0.15 seconds.
Instead of a banner ad, Google added this:

News: Fears over GE Kiwi bread shut Japanese food stores - Stuff.co.nz - 2 hours ago
MEAT, BREAD, MILK AND EGGS 52.5 PCT OF FOOD SPENDING - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (English Version) - 8 hours ago
Canadian-owned company recalls pet food sold in United States - Canada.com - 18 hours ago

The top five results are for the Food Network, FDA, UN Food and Ag Org, Epicurious and the USDA FNIC.
*-half life cd key

Metasearch results for "half life cd key" (1 - 20 of 86)
- "half life cd key" (86)
+ Changer, Download (7) Topic (2) Other Topics (5)
+ Crack, Multiplayer invalid (10) Invalid online (7) Other Topics (3)
+ Classic, Eye (6) Great discounts (3) Tracking down (2)
+ Books, Discounts (5) Great discounts (3) Other Topics (2)
+ Generator (7) Syndicate, Reality (2) Other Topics (5)
+ Opposing Force (5) Counter strike (2) Game, Overview (2)
+ Posted (6) Reply (2) Please help (2) Other Topics (2)
+ Ebay, Price (4)
+ Chat, Spoiler Centre (3)
+ Pop, Songs (3)
+ Review (3)
+ Е�ли, вы ищите (2)
+ Rank (2)
+ Category, PM Remote (2)
+ Gen, Diablo 2 (2)
+ Qwadmin Messageboard (2)
+ Vince Gill (2)
+ Heavy Metal (2)
+ Classifieds, Sell (2)
Other Topics (18)

Results from Google: 1 - 10 of about 803,000.
News banner item:
ATI/Valve statement on Half Life 2 - The Inquirer - 6 hours ago
The 803,000 relevant results satisfy the request adequately. Cheaters!

Metasearch results for "cable" (1 - 20 of 115)
#1 result is Dalco Electronics.
#6 most-relevant hit on cable is CNN.
#16 is Comcast Cable Company.

Next I searched the web though Google for cable. Results 1 - 10 of about 29,500,000.
Result #1= CNN
Result #2= Comcast
Result#7= Porter-Cable power tools
*-home audio
Metasearch results for "home audio" (1 - 20 of 112)
The top result returned is for the HP Media Center at hpshopping.com.
The next most-relevant response for home and audio is "Wurlitzer Jukeboxes for Sale"
Gateway Computers is the third company on the list.

Results 1 - 10 of about 40,300,000
Top ads from Bose and Price Grabber.
Eight sidebar ads including ebay.
Top result is the Havi.org:
...Home Audio / Video Interoperability (HAVi) is a standard core specification for
networking digital AV appliances that will allow digital consumer home ...

Friday, October 24, 2003

Who Took google.org? 

A visit to do a whois? search at freedomainnamesearch.com is always illuminating. They reveal the name, phone number, ip address, and other background details for a domain name.

Today's scan on Google shows:
Registrar Name: Alldomains.com
Registrar Whois: whois.alldomains.com
Registrar Homepage: http://www.alldomains.com

Google Inc. (DOM-258879)
2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy Mountain View CA 94043 US
Domain Name: google.com
Created on..............: 1997-Sep-15.
Expires on..............: 2011-Sep-14.
Record last updated on..: 2003-Apr-07 10:42:46.

Domain servers in listed order:
Domain Name: google.net
Created on..............: 1999-Mar-15.
Expires on..............: 2005-Mar-15.
Record last updated on..: 2003-Apr-07 10:42:46.

Domain servers in listed order:
Who took GOOGLE.ORG?

This is in an unobtainable hyperlink.
I tried checking it, but the source code has no hyperlink attached:
(FONT FACE="verdana, ARIAL" size="2")
(b)(u)Who took GOOGLE.ORG?(/u)(/b)

Xanga Personals Has No Relation To Xanga 

The personals are completely separate from xanga – run by a different company with its own database.
The xanga website database has absolutely no relation to the personals database, hence you have the name PHEMY for your xanga site, but this other person has had a personals profile called phemy for a year or so.


thanks for the speedy reply to some of my questions.
I don't like the answer, though. You are telling me Xanga can have two people named Phemy?
There is one in the personals--
I went to Xanga (personals) and drew up this one entry:
Xanga Personals xanga - join - sign in
"irreverence is next to godliness"
Active within 24 hours
1536 online now
Terms of Service

I went to Xanga main page and pulled up one Phemy, me.

Netcraft Reports Baltimore.com Into Second Year Without Rebooting 

Netcraft.com geeks seek to answer the eternal nerd question, "What's that site running?" Their Wednesday October 22nd story relates that, www.baltimore.com, one of Alexa's busiest 50,000 sites, has been running Windows 2000 for two years now without a reboot. This amazing act deserves in-depth marveling from several perspectives.

Top nodes on the Mountain View server for Google Inc.

1. googlestore.com (Google retail store)
2. vmware.sitesearch.google.com (no access to this secure site)
3. googlesite.google.com (redirect to front page)
4. www.googlestore.com (Google retail store)
5. google.trakken.com (April 24, 2003, Google Technology, Inc. acquired Neotonic Trakken email management system)
6. license.google.com (redirect to main page)
7. services.google.com (message:This space intentionally left blank)
8. directory.google.fr (French directory)
9. dir.google.com (English directory)
10. api.google.com (redirect to www.google.com/apis/ )
11. api-ab.google.com (same redirect)
12. support.google.com (Google site search appliance support for paid subscribers)
13. adwords.google.it (site down message in six languages)
14. www.goolge.com (redirect to Google front page)
15. www.google.ca (Canadian front page)
16. www.google.com.br (Brazilian Google main page)
17. www.google.lv (main page for Google Latvija)
18. www.google.co.il (Google Israel front page)
19. www.google.com.tw (Taiwan Google main page)
20. directory.google.com (English dir)
21. dejanews.com (redirect to groups.google.com)
22. directory.google.ca (Canadian directory)
23. console.google.com (Google Search Administration Console)
24. posting.google.com (unviewable secure site)
25. deja.com (unviewable secure site)
26. adwords.google.com (Adwords main page)
27. adwords.google.ca (Canadian Adwords main page)
28. answers.google.com (Google fee-based research)
29. answer.google.com (Google fee-based research)
30. www.toolbar.google.com (Google toolbar download instructions)
31. toolbar.google.com (Google Toolbar download instuctions)
32. wmlproxy.google.com (unauthorized to view)
33. research.google.com (redirect to Google front page)
34. labs.google.com (Google public beta tester)
35. adwordstest.google.com (redirect to Adwords main page)
36. wapsearch.google.com (unviewable secure site)
37. www.adwords.com.ve (Adwords main page)

California Senator Feinstein urges "We Must Stay the Course" --Until When? 

October 24, 2003
From: senator@feinstein.senate.gov

Dear Ms. Martin:

Thank you for writing to me regarding the Bush
Administration's requests for additional funding for post-war Iraq
and Afghanistan. I appreciate hearing from you.

While U.S. forces overthrew the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan and President Bush declared an end to major combat
operations in Iraq in May, conditions in parts of Iraq and
Afghanistan continue to be unstable and long-term costs related to
the conflict and reconstruction remain fluid.

After months of uncertainty regarding the true cost of our
military operations, I believe the time has come for this
Administration to provide detailed plans to Congress and the
American people regarding the myriad of issues we still face in Iraq
and Afghanistan, especially if President Bush wants Congress to
approve an additional $87 billion to fund reconstruction efforts and
military operations.

As a result I have introduced legislation requiring the White
House to submit a detailed report to Congress on the situation in
Iraq within 60 days. Specifically, the legislation calls on the
President to explain the current economic, political, and military
situation in Iraq, including a detailed plan for providing security in
Iraq, restoring basic services and establishing Iraqi self government.

We have assumed an enormous responsibility in Iraq and
Afghanistan and we must stay the course, but we need to hear from
the Administration on how it intends to stay that course and where
that course will lead us.

Please know that I will keep your comments in mind when
the Senate considers the Presidents request. Again, thank you for
writing me regarding this important issue. If you have any
additional comments or questions please contact my office at (202)

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

I had written her a few days before specifically to question the idiotic proposal to make reconstruction aid loans.
Let's respond, ok?

DiFi---Diagnosis: Momism. Don't be a war hawk. Stop foreign intervention! Lay down our arms, pull out, apologize, give them all the oilfields and new industries and machinery present at this moment and just go. It's gonna take decades for them to rebuild--ask Japan or Britain or France.

I have always admired you and want to like you, but I can't believe the warmongering and I can't abide the silent witness. You and other Democratic representatives have to raise your collective voice or be accused of facilitating this entire bogus administration's war/terrorism/anti-civil liberty agenda.

Every second longer our troops are there, we are prolonging the pain and humiliation of destruction of their whole lives,for nothing. The troops are morally corrupted and brutalized in ways that no one can ever tell, for nothing. The citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq have been disrespected, dispersed, interfered with and radicalized against Americans, for nothing. No WMD. Nothing.
Thanks for writing me. --Mary

Xanga Sends Only a One-Line Excuse For Two Members With Same Name 

Today HELP-BIN wrote:
Phemy is someone's else's profile name, a Time Out New York member.

customer service supervisor

Hey Matt--
I wonder if you are telling me it is unresolvable? I was initially prompted to write because Xanga returned an error message, but now I am curious about how there can be two Phemy's at Xanga. I wonder if you could tell me how long the other person has been using that name at Xanga? Do they have a website with it? Why did it pull up on websearch from inside Xanga personals, but there were different results at Xanga's main door? Do they plan to meld the two lists or separate the personals business? Why can't the personal ad be on your page?
Thanks for your consideration. Mary--phemy@prodigy.net

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Blogdex Sleeps While Instapundit Climbs to Number Seven on Technorati Pop Charts 

Blogdex is the MIT Weblog Diffusion Index that scans posts made by webloggers as a proxy to the things they are talking about. *Spoiled Metaphor Alert* Here is how they describe the system: "Webloggers typically contextualize their writing with hypertext links which act as markers for the subjects they are discussing. These markers are like tags placed on wild animals, allowing Blogdex to track a piece of conversation as it moves from weblog to weblog."

That wild animal reference unsettles me, so let's think of the hot hyperlink as the hot potatoe. The chef post bakes one up and sets it out for all to take. It tends to go down the line from circle to circle and is sampled and copied and investigated and parodied...tater-tots and mash with chives. It still the same potatoe and now feeds more, with each link back (if honorable, unless permission is threatening or forbidden) expanding the flavor and spice.

Blogdex crawls all weblogs in its database whenever (*?) updated and collects a subset of new posts since the last Blogdex update. The system then looks across all weblogs (**or subset only?) and generates a list of fast spreading ideas with annotations for where the link was found and when it was indexed.

The Blogdex weblog aggregator seems to be on hiatus or in development, for there is a lag in their activity compared to hyper-popular Technorati. Blogdex has a news page but it is stale, going back to August, but...a clue. The last entry ominously points to a new application being launched-- trackback. No response to my various means of contacting them ala net.

Technorati isn't letting trackback troubles slow it much as their one million blogs ping back toward the looming total of one billion globs(posts/articles/pix/audio/) linked.
Todays Technorati Top 10 October 23 2003
1. SlashDot.Org: 5905 blogs--Added 80 blogs in two days.
2. BlogShares: Fantasy Blog Share Market (mgmt. on hiatus) 5642 blogs--no change in two days.
3. Blogskins: 3992 blogs--97 new blogs in two days.
4. Technorati: 3603 blogs--1,068 in two days.
5. balmasque: 3440 blogs--40 more in two days.
6. Boing Boing Blog: 2849 blogs--32 new blogs in a couple days.
7.Instapundit.com: 2689 blogs--55 more blogs linked in two days.
8. Blogwise: 2635 blogs--(in flux)--no change.
9. The Friday Five: 2340 blogs--no change (NTS:check Friday).
10. Penny- Arcade : 2293 blogs--no change.

Number 15. The Register : 2052 blogs, 3452 links is a breakout internet technology weblog superstar with witty headlines, cogent comments, and direct links. It's often the only news you need if all you need to know is on the net.

Technorats, the million-plus Technorati who signed up already, are enjoying it immensely. I was curious about the hot blogs on Technorati, but I guess that feature is in development. There is a simple sorry message there right now, but a couple days ago these results came up for the eight hottest topics...all to variations of the same story.

1. board games Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
board games
Carrom UK 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 9 hours 6 minutes ago (Cosmos)
board games
board game 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 41 minutes ago (Cosmos)
board games

2. Carom Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
board game 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 41 minutes ago (Cosmos)

3. carrom board game Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
carrom board game
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
carrom board game
board game 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 41 minutes ago (Cosmos)
carrom board game

4. carrom board Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
carrom board
Carrom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 36 minutes ago (Cosmos)
# posted by carrom : 5:52 PM
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
carrom board

5. Carrom UK Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carrom UK
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carrom UK
board game 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 41 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carrom UK

6. carroms Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
board game 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 41 minutes ago (Cosmos)

7. carrom association uk Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Carrom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 36 minutes ago (Cosmos)
w taken place in London with a top prize of £1001 and the Silver carrom trophy. There were champions in several different catergories including Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, each producing its own champion. The competition was sponsored by the Carrom Association UK
Board games 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 37 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carom UK

8. carrom shop Reported 2003-10-19 18:26:56 PST (Cosmos)

Board games 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 37 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carroms 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 35 minutes ago (Cosmos)
Carroms Association UK
Carom 0 inbound blogs, 0 inbound links Created 8 hours 59 minutes ago (Cosmos)

'Irreverence is Next to Godliness' is the Motto of the Joker Using My Identity 

Member Search Results
Searched Xanga members for phemy
Scraping wretched nails upon the cold institutional slate
Site last updated 10/19/2003 11:18:09 PM

This is me--here's more from my Xanga sidebar on the page:
Real Name: Phemy
Birthday: 7/31/1963
Gender: Female
Location: California
Occupation: Other
Industry: Other
Expertise: none
Hobbies: all
Website: Click Here
Email: phemy@prodigy.net
Member since: 7/21/2002
This is not me. How-why-WTF???
Subject=ErrorID a2c3acaf-b007-4dea-8a37-67b7f89fcfac

xanga - join - sign in
"irreverence is next to godliness"
Active within 24 hours
1536 online now
Terms of Service
I am a: woman
Looking for a: man
Interested In: Dating, Serious Relationship
Age: 40
Location: New York, New York
Country: United States
Area Code: 212
Occupation: Marketing
Education: Graduate
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Catholic
Star Sign: Leo
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Want Children: Maybe
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Cigarettes Sometimes
Booze: Sometimes
Drugs: Never
Self-love: Sometimes
Self-deprecation: Sometimes

Age Between: 35-55
Within: 25 miles
Education: College
Religion: no preference
Ethnicity: no preference
Star Sign: no preference
Have Children: no preference
Want Children: no preference

Height: 5' 5" - 6' 4"
Weight: 140 - 230 lbs
Hair: no preference
Eye Color: no preference

Cigarettes: Sometimes OK
Booze: Sometimes OK
Drugs: Sometimes OK
Self-love Always OK
Self-deprecation: Sometimes OK

Last great book I read
"The Giant's House", Elizabeth McCracken

Most humbling moment
About 12 years ago, I walked into a bar in Greenwich Village to meet up with my boyfriend and my sister and heard a popping noise and looked down and saw my garter belt and stockings lying on the floor near my feet (the clasp on the belt had broken)!

Favorite on-screen sex scene
The sensuality of the food and ice cube scenes in 9 1/2 Weeks. The thrill is found in not knowing what you are going to taste or feel next.

Celebrity I resemble most
I have been told Jodie Foster and Meryl Streep.

Best (or worst) lie I've ever told-
You haven't changed a bit!

If I could be anywhere at the moment...
I would have to say Italy because I have never been and am dying to go there.

Song or album that puts me in the mood
Something jazzy and low key or someone like Enya. Anything more intense tends to distract me too much.

The five items I can't live without:
My computer, my sense of humor, something to read in my tote bag, my writing pad, and my 7-day Unlimited Metrocard.

Fill in the blanks:
Directness is sexy; Honesty is sexier
In my bedroom, you'll find:
Purple lavander candles, a restored photograph of my great grandmother, and two alarm clocks.

I have been told that I am attractive (blonde), sexy, romantic, creative and sweet. I also am well-educated and have a variety of interests (primarily in the arts) and have a good, albeit slightly dry and irreverent, sense of humor. I love to entertain and to cook.

I am seeking either a single Israeli (non-religious) or European man between the ages of 35-55 for a monogomous relationship, although I would consider compelling offers from American men. Divorced men with kids are OK. I am seeking a well-educated and honest man who is not afraid to romance a woman and who desires an intimate, committed relationship.

Googlism A Great Place to Vanity Surf if You Care What Google Thinks of You 

Googlism is a Google hack from the Australian company Domain Active that samples the Google results on your query. This fun tool culls the content of the collective results to pull out key phrases that describe what people are saying or doing about the search subject. Their suggested searches include Tuesday, Joe, poker, kitchen, and Bill Gates. The results read like poetry, these snipets of reports and tributes and criticisms, a stream of truth and speculation mixing what's happened and what may never be. I made a poem by punctuating my results:

El Goog Lism Goog Le

google is that? google is three,
google is a user's best friend;

google is tops for work-time searches,
google is still spidering and caching my old server,
google is goood, google is urged to go public.

google is the real winner in its own;
google is the world's favorite search engine!
google is your friend,google is the most popular search,
google is faaasst--google is one of the best search.

google is gong bezerk: google is out of beta...
google is featuring the google.
google is $deity, google is so cool
google is here, google is the best.

google is dancing, google is lief,
google is watching you.
google is at it again.

google is first time our top referer,
google is microsoft ?
google is #1 search, google is a powerful weapon indeed.

google is thinking.
google is anti-, google is 'feeling lucky';
google is excluding knife advertising.

google is having a programming contest,
google is the greatest? at news.
google is 'feeling lucky' the googleplex,
google is so popular, google is decentralizing,
google is that? om malik.

google is able to process search queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines.
google is proud of their advantage.
google is three times bigger than the experts think.

google is a user's best friend by john mccormick special to gcn:
every web user should know how to exploit the features of the powerful google.
google is your family.

google is not an anomaly,
google is tops for work-time searches by abigail waraker.
google is my other memory.
google is still spidering and caching my old server 35 dayes and still counting.

google is goood- positive things about google.
google is a harsh mistress.

google is in the black by kieren mccarthy, posted;
google is urged to go public, google is urged to go public, google is urged to go public;
google is now indexing this list.

google is the real winner in its own contest-
by paul festa, special to zdnet news, may 31.
google is the world's favorite search engine
by olaf japtner.

google is more than an academic debate on copyright law;
google is not going to do anything as a result of it.
google is a dot, google is replacing bookmarks,
google is the most popular search engine.

google is unique
among search engines in that
while it almost always shows you pages
that have the exact keywords you are looking for

google is faaasst...just tried google,
google is one of the best search engines by tootough2be.
google is one of the best search engines.
i use google all the time to find everything.

google is gong bezerk;
it seems forums are flooded
with complaints about google's new search algorithms;
google is gong bezerk.

post a comment-
google is still choosing to take advantage of the safe harbor provision of the digital millennium copyright act.

google is featuring the google posted may 20;
google is a target for any optimization campaign
simply because it has managed to obtain the most
attention from users on search.

google is $deity.
i finagled work into buying me a wireless.
google is the best.

google is an internet search engine, google is dancing,
expect the full update to appear within the next day or so.
google is the most popular search engine on the web according to onestat.
google is the only search engine.

google is a privately held company and does not divulge financial information.
google is oft, google is just the juice.
google is watching you.
ever wondered how many pages google is keeping track of for your domain?

submitting this form.
google is the point--google is in fact a company.
google is probably archiving all of your images.
google is a part of my brain.
google is a careless custodian of private information.

google is best, google is already mostly rest-friendly;
google is increasing its infrastructure as fast as it can.
google is a powerful.
google is indirectly supporting their anti-...google is smart.

google is the real winner in its own contest.
google is the best search engine, google is a sensitive thing.
google is the only dotcom to achieve the rare distinction of zero-percent employee turnover.

google is your friend,
i knew when i wrote this;
google is surprisingly light.
google is the greatest?
get the latest news
and information
at news.

google is now the search engine of choice
for most of the web,
and it handles over 150 million queries a day;
google is not a search company.
google is that?
google is decentralizing.

google is 'feeling lucky';
google is making money off blogger already.
google is not god.
google is the net dominator;
google is a user's best friend.

google is three.
google is sending c&d letters
about saying "to google" google is not a search.
google is goood;
google is a harsh mistress.

google is tops for work-time searches.
google is god -don't piss her off!
google is as google does.

google is evil;
google is the most important search--google is niet hip meer.
google is our friend, google is urged to go public.
google is the best tech.

google is self.
google is sued for penalizing/google is penalizing for linking to bad neighbours...
google is scary.
google is here.

google is best. google is building the memex.
google is replacing bookmarks.
google is great.

google is thinking - google is big biz,
google is a global phenomenon.
google is watching you, google is.

google is being used as a net.
hacker tool / the hacks are made...
google is happiness-- google is vergevingsgezind.
google is dancing her feet off.

google is net
hacker tool du jour.
google is now indexing this list.
google is hiring engineers in ny-google is bigger than...
google is stalking me.

google is my google is good.
google is just the juice;
google is known best for its search capabilities.
google is not your friend.

google is proud of their advantage.
google is a trademark of google technology, inc.
google is so popular google is 'feeling lucky'
the googleplex--google
is a privately google is making money off.

google is able to process search queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines.
google is my virtual garage; google is hiring,
google is the net dominator.
the world's biggest search engine is in danger of consuming the net.

google is a user's best friend by john mccormick,
special to gcn. every web user should know
how to exploit the features of the powerful google.
google is three times bigger than the experts think.

google is sending c&d--google is not a search engine.
google is a marvel of web brilliance.
google is goood positive things about google.

google is rewarding our informational sites
(quote nicely, thank you.)
google is not an anomaly--
google is arguing that its search results are in essence opinions of a website.

google is km? google is tops for work-time
searches by abigail waraker...
google is not an application service provider.
google is an 11. google is examining its system;
google is known and loved for its impressive web search tool.
google is god.

google is no bargain if google; google is changing what we can find out about one another.
google is not a search company kottke.
google is becoming increasingly embroiled
in international political disputes over copyright and censorship.
google is still choosing to take advantage of the safe harbor provision of the digital millennium copyright act.

google is in some way able to control
if a server with the new index or a server with an old index...
google is facing rifts between what's good for users
and what's good for google.

google is best. google is awesome.
google is a harsh mistress »
google is the most important search engine of all.

google is now in advertising; google is making my line of work a bit too easy in some respects.
google is sued for penalizing
added on google is penalizing
for linking to bad neighbours
added on.

google is building the memex. google is that?
google is three.
google is a user's best friend.
google is tops for work
time searches google is still spidering and
google is saving the web.

google is my other memory.
google is nice but google is watching you.
het merkenrecht is duidelijk.
google is great by john lenihan.
google is more than an academic debate.

on copyright law google is dancing;
google is an internet search engine.
google is bigger than alltheweb.
google is 'feeling lucky'--google is that?
google is decentralizing.
google is god.

don't piss her off...google is my passport.
google is the net.
google is back in china, but don't google is not the next microsoft.

google is the king of searching.
google is self--google is not god.
google is skynet; google is three;
google is not a search.

google is goood. google is your friend.
google is scary.
google is just freaking me out!

google is ruining google,
google is te machtig', google is jarig,
google is broken?
google is making money off blogger.
google is a harsh mistress.

google is volgende doelwit van microsoft.
google is handig voor hackers'.
google is sending c&d letters
about saying "to google".
google is smart. google is tops
for work-time searches google is not always the answer.

google is terrible. google is a bad unix shell.
google is fun...google is not the best search.
google is building the memex.
google is ignoring my forum.
google is search engine that could.

google is listening. google is good. google is here.
google is the most important search--google is watching and counting.
google is god, reprised.

google is the best tech, google is a calculator.
google is urged to go public.
google is known best for its search capabilities;
google is not your friend.

google is google god?
google is to create
a search tool specifically for weblogs.
google is being "gamed".

google is not affiliated
with the financial information
providers that are used.
google is able to process search
queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines.

google is a noun.
google is that? om malik
google is so popular.
google is a marvel of web brilliance.
google is god.

google is the net,
dominator the world's biggest search
engine is in danger of consuming the net.
google is back
in china, but don't try asking...
any difficult questions.
john gittings in shanghai-
saturday, september 14.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Noble Chilling Effects Clearinghouse Offers to Defend Your Online Rights 

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse at http://www.chillingeffects.org/ is sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and university law school clinics from places like the University of Maine, University of San Francisco, Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard University. "Chilling Effects" refers to the deterrent effect of legal threats or posturing, largely consisting of cease and desist letters independent of litigation and usually treading on lawful conduct. The clearinghouse formed to help United States Americans understand and enforce protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities. They help you to interpret the legal jargon and direct you to adequate representation if necessary.

Their website informs, "We are gathering a searchable database of Cease and Desist notices sent to Internet users like you. We invite you to input Cease and Desist letters that you've received into our database, to document the chill. We will respond by linking the legalese in the letters to FAQs that explain the allegations in plain English." The project's core, this database of letters and response is supplemented by legal background reports, current news items, and pointers to statutes and caselaw. Most of the cease-and-desist activity of the past few weeks is from private companies asking Google to remove websites that offend them by posting crack codes or offensive material.

Their current weather report on the state of affairs tells a story of academic shut-down that came on as a surprise on September 30, 2003 to Billy Hoffman and Virgil Griffith. Jennifer Jenkins, Center for the Study of the Public Domain, reports that the two students were part of a planned conference presentation at the Interz0ne II conference in Atlanta. The men were scheduled to present their research on security flaws in the Blackboard ID card system and the insecurity of university campus physical security systems. They were stopped by a cease-and-desist letter and temporary restraining order (TRO) invoking the DMCA, along with trademark, trade secret, and computer hacking laws. According to Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, "The heavy-handed invocation of the law -- Blackboard obtained its TRO ex parte the day before the conference -- gave the students and conference organizer no opportunity to appear in court or challenge the order before the scheduled presentation had to be cancelled."

A Quick List of the Eighteen Gentlemen and Two Women Shaping Google Now 

Google, Inc.,

Sergey Brin, Co-Founder & President, Technology, member of the Google Inc. Board of Directors.
Born in Moscow, Russia in 1973, Sergey Brin is currently on leave from the Ph.D. program in computer science at Stanford University. He received his master's degree there and has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. His many interests include search engines, information extraction from unstructured sources, and data mining large collections of text documents and scientific data.

Larry Page, Co-Founder & President, Products, member of the Google Inc. Board of Directors, former Chief Executive Officer of Google, Inc., former software developer for Advanced Management Systems, former software developer for CogniTek.
This golden son of Michigan State University computer science professor Dr. Carl Victor Page was born Laurence Page in 1973. He matriculated to rival college University of Michigan and where he earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering, with a concentration on computer engineering. He earned a master's degree in computer science from Stanford and is currently on leave from the Ph.D program for computer science.

Dr. Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, former chairman and chief executive officer of Novell, former chief technology officer and corporate executive officer at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and the leading developer of JAVA, former member of the research staff at the Computer Science Lab at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), former researcher at Bell Laboratories, former programmer/developer at Zilog.

Craig Silverstein, Director of Technology, former member of the research staff at the Computer Science Lab at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).
Craig Silverstein has a bachelor of science degree in computer science Phi Beta Kappa with honors from Harvard College, a recipient of the Microsoft Technical Scholarship, twice awarded the Derek Bok Award for Teaching Excellence. He is currently on leave from Stanford University, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science, with a focus on information retrieval and data mining. He was the first employee hired by Google's founders and created many of the original IT components to support Google's deployment and growth.

Wayne Rosing, Vice President, Engineering, former chief technology officer and vice president of Engineering at Caere Corporation, former president of FirstPerson, Inc., founder of Sun Microsystems Laboratories, former executive at Sun Microsystems in various positions, former director of engineering for the Apple Computer Lisa and Apple II divisions, former manager at Digital Equipment Corporation, former manager at Data General.

Urs Holzle, Google Fellow, former Vice President of Engineering of Google, Inc., co-founder of Animorphic Systems, leading contributor to DARPA's National Compiler Infrastructure project, recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award, awarded a a Fulbright Scholarship.

David C. Drummond, Vice President, Corporate Development, Vice president, Strategy and Business Development, General Counsel at Google, Inc., former Outside Council for Google, Inc., former partner in the corporate transactions group at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, former executive vice president finance and chief financial officer for SmartForce.

George Reyes, Chief Financial Officer, former interim chief financial officer of ONI Systems, former vice president and treasurer at Sun Microsystems, former division controller at ROLM Corporation, former chief financial officer at Online Microcenters, former finance manager at Four Phase Systems, Inc, former finance manager at Memorex Corporation. He currently serves on the audit committees and boards of directors of Symantec Corporation and Chordiant Software.

Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, former vice president of Business Development and Sales at Netscape, former director of OEM Sales at Netscape, former marketing executive at The 3DO Company, former marketing executive at Go Corporation, and former marketing executive at Hewlett-Packard.

Jonathan Rosenberg, Vice President, Product Management, former senior vice president of Online Products and Services for Excite@Home, former manager for Apple's eWorld product line, former director of product marketing for Knight-Ridder Information Services.

Tim Armstrong, Vice President, Advertising Sales, former vice president of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Snowball.com, former national sales manager for IDG's first Internet magazine: I-Way, founder and director of Integrated Sales & Marketing at Starwave, Disney's ABC/ESPN Internet Ventures.

Joan Braddi, Vice President, Search Services, former director of business development and sponsorship sales for Netscape's website division Netcenter, former senior manager of Netscape's OEM sales, former for the server division of Silicon Graphics.

Cindy McCaffrey, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, former reporter and editor at daily newspapers, including The Omaha World-Herald; the Springfield (Mo.) Leader & Press; the Kansas City Business Journal; and The Contra Costa Times; and at high-tech trade publications, including Macintosh Today. Former leader of
public relations, investor relations, marketing communications, employee and customer communications at several of Silicon Valley's highest-profile domestic and international companies, including Apple Computer, E*TRADE, The 3DO Company, and SmartForce.

John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, serves on the board of directors at Google, Good Technology, Elance, MyCFO, Intuit, Amazon.com, Homestore.com, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Handspring, Freemarkets and Sun Microsystems. Formerly in engineering, marketing and management at Intel, inventor and design engineer at Monsanto.

Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital, serves on the board of directors of Flextronics, Google, PayPal, RedEnvelope, Saba Software, Shockwave and Yahoo!. Formerly a founding director of Agile Software, Global Center -later acquired by Frontier Corp, LinkExchange -later acquired by Microsoft, eGroups -later acquired by Yahoo!, NeoMagic, Quote.Com -later acquired by Lycos, and Visigenic -later acquired by Borland. Also, he was founder of Technologic Partners and worked in a variety of positions at Time Warner.

Ram Shriram member of the board of directors at Yodlee.com and Elance.com, former vice president of business development at Amazon.com, former chief executive officer of Junglee Corp., former member of the Netscape Communications executive team.

Jakob Nielsen, Co-founder & User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, former Distinguished Engineer, inventor, and web usability guru at Sun Microsystems.

Rajeev Motwani, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Graduate Studies at Stanford University. Before he finished his his Ph.D. in computer science from University of California, Berkeley in 1988, he was awarded the Godel Prize, the Okawa Foundation Research Award, the Arthur Sloan Research Fellowship, the National Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, the Bergmann Memorial Award from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, and an IBM Faculty Award. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Computer and System Sciences, and the SIAM Journal on Computing. He is a member of various corporate and technical advisory boards, and is a charter member of TIE (The IndUS Entrepreneurs).

Jeffrey Ullman, the S.W. Ascherman Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, member of National Academy of Engineering, former professor at Princeton University, former member of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, awarded Einstein Fellowship from the Israeli Academy of Sciences and a Guggenheim Fellowship, former member of the board of directors at Junglee Corporation.

Terry Winograd, Professor in Computer Science at Stanford University, founder of Action Technologies, regular consultant to Interval Research, serves on the national advisory board of the Association for Software Design, member of journal editorial boards, including the Journal of Human Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Personal Technologies, and Informatica.

Clever blo.gs Readers Rate Dive Into Mark Number One 

The multitude of services from Jim Winstead Jr.'s blo.gs make it easier than ever to keep up with all the pages you like to visit on the web. Daily automatic emails will review the changes made on any of the 827, 264 weblogs you have added to your personal favorites. They can show you weblogs related to your favorite, blogs recommended by others who like the same stuff you do and links to other blog services. Their updates are available in almost any format and they monitor posts and pings from international bloggers. Other features include a random blog viewer and Feedster search.

Ten Most Popular Sites of Readers at blo.gs

#1- dive into mark

#2- Boing Boing Blog

#3- kottke.org

#4- Slashdot

#5- Google Weblog

#6- phil ringnalda dot com

#7- MetaFilter

#8- Scripting News

#9- Simon Willison's Weblog

#10- Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Blogwise Ranks Top Fifty Weblogs By Visitor Popularity 

The developing service blogwise is undertaking an attempt at a establishing an intuitive interbational weblog directory. They have enlisted 9,524 different blogs and sort them by country and keywords.

They use a different method of measuring popularity than Technorati, who uses the number of blogs linked to a site to score popularity.

Over at blogwise, they track the number of readers who access individual blog journals by using the GeoURLwhich locates the site by geographic URL mapping. They have posted their list of the top 50 blogs by popularity. Above it was a warning to notice the counts are frozen while they upgrade the site.

The blogwise Ten Most-Popular International Blogs

1. Flombaum Dot Com- 4292 Visits
2. The Bob and Mary Show- 4079 Visits
3. Shithappens- 3951 visits
4. Crap Magazine- 3902 Visits
5 Velcrometer- 3710 Visits
6. Kids Korner- 3073 Visits
7. Insert Catchy Title Here- 2906 Visits
8. The Presurfer- 2471 Visits
9.The Audi Olympics- 2184 Visits
10. ASP-Rider (Persian )- 2154 Visits

A comparison of three of these blog popularity lists show almost none of the top blogs in blogwise make the Daypop or Technorati top ten.

1. Slashdot- #1 Technorati popularity/5824 links, #1 Daypop Citations/813, #1 Daypop Score

2. BlogShares-#2 Technorati popularity/5642 links

3. Blogskins- #3 Technorati popularity/3895 links

4. Technorati- #4 Technorati popularity/2531 links

5. balmasque-#5 Technorati popularity/3400 links

6. boingboing- #6 Technorati popularity/2381 links, #2 Daypop Citations/768, #3 Daypop Score,

7. Blogwise- #7 Technorati popularity/2635 links

8. Instapundit- #8 Technorati popularity/2634 links, #4 Daypop Citations/623, #4 Daypop Score,

9. The Friday Five- #9 Technorati popularity/2340 links

10. Penny-Arcade- #10 Technorati popularity/2293 links

Metafilter was #5 on Daypop citations and score lists, but not so on Technorati. Other popular Daypop blogs that were not on Technorati's list were: Scripting News- #3 on Daypop citations and #7 score, Dive into Mark- #6 Daypop citations, #25 Daypop score, kottke.org- #7 Daypop citations, #15 Daypop score, Fark- #8 Daypop citations and #6 Daypop score, AndrewSullivan.com- #9 Daypop citations and #10 Daypop score, The Drudge report- #10 daypop citations and #8 Daypop score, Fresh Meat- #9 Daypop score and Blogalia.com- #2 Daypop score and #50 Daypop citations(143).

Monday, October 20, 2003

Technorati Has Over a Million Blogs Indexed 

Searching for something good to read was never so easy now that we can peek into the diary of almost anyone. The search engines are still mapping out the blogworld and the bloggers are not generally thinking of search engine optimization of their prose...I hope they aren't. They've got better things to do, like live life and reflect on it. That leaves the host provider as the best entity to protect the blogger's rights and make sure they get a fair shot at appearing in an indexer's results by relevancy. The way they want to judge weblogs, giving authority to the blogs with the most links, is unfair log-rolling style democracy. We aren't playing King-of-the-Hill, where one guy or his gang rules. Then you'd just see thousands of links to that guy everyday and limited creative content. A bunch of sheep, that's what the blog-rolling encourages. Instead, why not have the criterion for authority be scored by quality of original content, diversity of bibliographical sources, the number of cogent posts/replies, or some other mean that does not rule so shallowly as who has the biggest list.

Ranting about blog authority aside, I thought you deserved to know the top ten most-popular blogs as rated by number of people linked to them. I'll publish Technorati's number of links, but I am not sure about where it was derived. I'll have to test the list items individually later and comment again.

1. Slashdot-5824 blogs
2. BlogShares-5642 blogs
3. Blogskins-3895 blogs
4. Technorati-2531 blogs
5. balmasque-3400 blogs
6. boingboing-2381 blogs
7. Blogwise-2635 blogs
8. Instapundit-2634 blogs
9. The Friday Five-2340 blogs
10. Penny-Arcade-2293 blogs

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Executives Most Common Requests Shown Daily at Forbes Search Spy 

Forbes.com publishes a list of the twenty-four most-requested executive query terms on their search page and smaller sample lists from it appear on other pages. Their lists are linked to associated articles in their database and there is no other data as to frequency, methodology, or filters. Consider their order and content as pointing in the general direction but not certifiably accurate.

Also let it be noted that the two entries with quotation marks do not pull up info but return a blank search page. This is a simple typing error, but it makes the list not completely functioning, it makes them look careless or tacky, and it seems to deny the information exists. Is this list from their professional business journal traffic or a third-party commercial webmaster? Who would have guessed this order or line of inquiry:

The Twenty-Four Most-Requested Executive Search Terms on Sunday, Ocober 19, 2003

1. Vitamins
2. NFL
3. Shanghai
4. Jonathan Fahey
5. IRA
6. Guru Picks
8. Wells Real Estate
9. Unions
10. Perks
11. Employment
12. O'Quinn
13. Langreth
14. "Health Insurance"
15. 401K
16. India
17. Insurance
18. "Life Insurance"
19. Green Bay
20. Benefits
21. Designe
22. Union
23. TiVo
24. Retirement

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