Monday, October 13, 2003

Wordtracker Reveals What Web Searchers Seek 

A truer reflection of what things people search for is scrolling at Wordtracker. This service daily publishes a list of the top 50 search terms for various search engine voyeurs and metacrawlers for the past 24 hours.

Wordtracker Top 20 for October 13
1. sex
2. google
3. porn
4. halloween costumes
5. ebay
6. jokes
7. yahoo
8. health
9. free porn
10. games
11. msn emotions
12. map
13. mapquest
14. dictionary
15. pussy
16. search engines
17. online degrees
18. kazaa lite
19. hotmail
20. yahoo.com

Wordtracker can prepare a larger report of keywords in three formats: all keywords, adult content keywords only, or keywords without adult content. They offer to send you the top 500 words searched for free every week. They then offer the 20,000 most popular searches for about $100; get 100,000 words from search requests for about $500; and get 500,000 search strings for about $2000.00.

A recent September 4th article of an interview by Scott Buresh with the founder of Wordtracker Andy Mindel can be found at Search Engine Guide. In it he reveals the sources for his data are the meta-searchers Dogpile and Metacrawler. "We examined keywords from other engines and noticed a distortion from position checkers and hard coded queries. One thing we notice is that the top keywords always fall into a certain pattern and these usually consist of google, hotmail, sex, mp3, etc."

Mindel continues, "When this pattern changes then we know something is up and often it's because the engine database is being used at another site (for example gambling or shopping sites)."
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