Monday, October 13, 2003

Webmasters Tell of their Most Disturbing Search Requests  

Disturbing Search Requests is a blog that specializes in the strange requests blog webmasters screen. Disturbing Search Requests is a collabrative effort aimed at projecting misleading search engine results and bizarre connections. Webmasters can post their odd results and solicit comments from others. They do have some guidelines: "You cannot post racist or homophobic comments. You cannot solicit child porn. You cannot post a searcher's IP address, DSR is for amusement, not punishment."

This is a fun search spy site that gets a lot of traffic, judging by the number of daily posts. Some of the topics posted here over the past day include:

pictures of people who have been scalped, "father pimping" child UK, intense and shameless sex, arse quotes, greasy levi boots, condoleezza rice lesbian bitch, Wrigley Field gallery nudity, definition of a freeloader re: alcohol, "mom on a porn site", and the bitch had my car towed.

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