Monday, October 20, 2003

Technorati Has Over a Million Blogs Indexed 

Searching for something good to read was never so easy now that we can peek into the diary of almost anyone. The search engines are still mapping out the blogworld and the bloggers are not generally thinking of search engine optimization of their prose...I hope they aren't. They've got better things to do, like live life and reflect on it. That leaves the host provider as the best entity to protect the blogger's rights and make sure they get a fair shot at appearing in an indexer's results by relevancy. The way they want to judge weblogs, giving authority to the blogs with the most links, is unfair log-rolling style democracy. We aren't playing King-of-the-Hill, where one guy or his gang rules. Then you'd just see thousands of links to that guy everyday and limited creative content. A bunch of sheep, that's what the blog-rolling encourages. Instead, why not have the criterion for authority be scored by quality of original content, diversity of bibliographical sources, the number of cogent posts/replies, or some other mean that does not rule so shallowly as who has the biggest list.

Ranting about blog authority aside, I thought you deserved to know the top ten most-popular blogs as rated by number of people linked to them. I'll publish Technorati's number of links, but I am not sure about where it was derived. I'll have to test the list items individually later and comment again.

1. Slashdot-5824 blogs
2. BlogShares-5642 blogs
3. Blogskins-3895 blogs
4. Technorati-2531 blogs
5. balmasque-3400 blogs
6. boingboing-2381 blogs
7. Blogwise-2635 blogs
8. Instapundit-2634 blogs
9. The Friday Five-2340 blogs
10. Penny-Arcade-2293 blogs
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