Monday, October 13, 2003

Sponsor Popular Search Phrases at ixquick Search Spotlight 

The search engine ixquick reveals the most commonly sought terms in their ixquick Spotlight. They use this data to offer sponsorship of select words and phrases to allow your website to rise to the top of the heap. There are three levels of sponsorship, beginning with any of the top 100 most sought words available for $500 each, and then offering one of the top 1,000 search phrases for $150, and finally one of the top 10,000 most entered search terms for $50 each.

The ixquick Spotlight of the top hundred most-requested words is alphabetically presented and dominated by generic nouns like car, baby, bank, girl, model, sex, and slots.

Their list of the current one thousand most-sought terms is again made up mostly of single word nouns, verbs, and adjectives but they must be arranged in some odd order here. It starts alphabetically and then randomness ensues.

Here is a passage of twenty of the thousand most-popular search terms from the top of the document:

1. employment
2. erotic
3. erotica
4. flower
5. free porn
6. free porno
7. free sex
8. gamble
9. gameboy
10. gamez
11. gays
12. gaysex
13. gift basket
14. gift baskets
15. giftbasket
16. giftbaskets
17. health
18. holiday
19. home security
20. indian

Here is a passage of ten more of the top thousand searches on ixquick from lower in the same document:

1. covers
2. carat
3. can
4. preteen
5. carnaval
6. stock
7. hepatitis
8. jokes
9. grand

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