Monday, October 13, 2003

See alltheweb Behind the Search Requests 

Overture Services has one of the leading search engines with their tool alltheweb. The alltheweb spy posts the last ten terms sought in two formats, unfiltered or filtered for offensive content. A set of the latest searches filtered for offensive content yields:

1. goodrich power systems
2. "cuneiform"writing
3. lpga lesbians
4. insurance underwriter exams
5. garmin unlock code
6. mokelumne hill
7. Denver realestate
8. nilufer
9. fiber gel pills
10. Texas Law

An immediate check of the unfiltered list of terms from alltheweb brought up:

1. pearl tea
2. link.all:dalewarlandsingers.org
3. petition camera courtroom
4. Mission
5. Hewlett-Packard HP NX700 (DG706A)
6. nassa
7. san diego union-tribune classified ads
8. chester county internet
9. nylon nurse uniform
10. sexy woman in lingerie

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