Monday, October 13, 2003

Search.com's Top Search Terms at CNET Shows Users Want Kazaa 

CNet has publishes a list of the top 100 search terms for the past day at their engine site Search.com. The latest data is for the week ending October 5th:

Top 20 Searches at Search.com
1. kazaa
2. kazza lite
3. games
4. soulseek
5. google
6. winmx
7. music
8. dead aim
9. mp3
10. lyrics
11. winzip
12. screensavers
13. msn
14. winmix
15. drivers
16. msn messenger
17. search engines
18. kaaza lite
19. antivirus
20. aim

As expected for a technology website, the predominant subjects sought are computer utilities, software, or activities. Kazaa is so popular it has three diffent entries in the top twenty. The general search terms "music" and "lyrics" also are popular. With no entries for sex or porn, you can be sure this is not really what people type in, but a child-friendly edited list of what folks might want to find on the internet.
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