Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Public Library of Science Debuted on Web Sunday with One-Half a Million Hits 

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a nonprofit effort based in San Francisco by like-minded scientist who want to make research available to the public for free, according to a CNET article today. The instead will pay a $1500 listing fee for PLoS to review,edit, host and serve their papers for general public access. Many science articles archived online are currently available only in abstract form to non-subscribers of the journals that publish them. Even current issues of medical and science journals are sometimes are unobtainable without an industry affiliation.

The amazing amount of web traffic that ensued on Sunday, over a half-million hits in eight hours, crashed their server. "We always expected a lot of interest, but we're surprised by this response," said Nick Twyman, director of information technology and computer operations. They are working to expand their capacity and expect to be able to handle all comers.

It's speculated the journal has generated so much attention because a report in it is about brain implants in monkeys that enable them to control a robotic arm with their thoughts.

The article drawing all this atention is entitled Learning to Control a Brain-Machine Interface for Reaching and Grasping by Primates, available only in PDF format because the full-report is 3.3 mb. A synopsis description is included:"With visual feedback, macaque monkeys learn to control a robot arm through a neural interface which records activity from multiple cortical areas."
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