Friday, October 17, 2003

One-Quarter of All Search Request Are For Porn According to Internet Filter Review 

Internet Filter Review is an sales and evaluation site for internet filters users install to not see porographic words or images. The defined obscenity each of these commercial filters target is variable and can be user-modified, so it is difficult to see how they arrived at their figures objectively. Still, the Internet Filter Review estimates that there are 4.2 million porn Web sites out there now allowing access to 72 million worldwide visitors annually (40 million Americans). "These statistics have been derived from a number of different reputable sources including Google, WordTracker, PBS, MSNBC, NRC, and Alexa research," they advise on their site.

The Internet Filter Review report claims 68 million daily search engine requests, or one-quarter of all requests, are for pornographic material. They cite as evidence to this extrapolated number that daily Gnutella child pornography requests at 116 thousand per day. I could not find any footnotes, links, or other proof of this number at Internet Filter Review.

Gnutella? Haven't they been picked on enough?Info-Anarchy from 2001 tells: "Ferrero has started to censor various Gnutella sites because Gnutella violates their rights on the Nutella trademark. (Nutella is a chocolote-hazelnut-cream produced by Ferrero.) First, gnutella.de, a German Gnutella-site, has been sued and forced by a Cologne court not to use the domain any longer (under threat of paying $250,000 for non-compliance). Ferrero argued that because Nutella & Gnutella sounded so similarly, Nutella was harmed by the website. It would be an obvious danger to the trademark if "millions of Internet-users no longer associate Nutella with our family-friendly nut-nougat cream, but with a virtual conglomerate of pirates and child pornographers". "

Orrin Hatch made a speech Wednesday that reconfirmed his intent to stop child porn and he is looking at these P2P networks for a way to shut them down. In an older story reposted today,Gnutella.com, William Brown wonders about the motives behind using the threat of P2P downloads as the ruination of youth. Many Gnutella-users do not want to even discuss the issue, since defending porn is akin to promoting it in the eyes of the filters.
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