Friday, October 24, 2003

Netcraft Reports Baltimore.com Into Second Year Without Rebooting 

Netcraft.com geeks seek to answer the eternal nerd question, "What's that site running?" Their Wednesday October 22nd story relates that, www.baltimore.com, one of Alexa's busiest 50,000 sites, has been running Windows 2000 for two years now without a reboot. This amazing act deserves in-depth marveling from several perspectives.

Top nodes on the Mountain View server for Google Inc.

1. googlestore.com (Google retail store)
2. vmware.sitesearch.google.com (no access to this secure site)
3. googlesite.google.com (redirect to front page)
4. www.googlestore.com (Google retail store)
5. google.trakken.com (April 24, 2003, Google Technology, Inc. acquired Neotonic Trakken email management system)
6. license.google.com (redirect to main page)
7. services.google.com (message:This space intentionally left blank)
8. directory.google.fr (French directory)
9. dir.google.com (English directory)
10. api.google.com (redirect to www.google.com/apis/ )
11. api-ab.google.com (same redirect)
12. support.google.com (Google site search appliance support for paid subscribers)
13. adwords.google.it (site down message in six languages)
14. www.goolge.com (redirect to Google front page)
15. www.google.ca (Canadian front page)
16. www.google.com.br (Brazilian Google main page)
17. www.google.lv (main page for Google Latvija)
18. www.google.co.il (Google Israel front page)
19. www.google.com.tw (Taiwan Google main page)
20. directory.google.com (English dir)
21. dejanews.com (redirect to groups.google.com)
22. directory.google.ca (Canadian directory)
23. console.google.com (Google Search Administration Console)
24. posting.google.com (unviewable secure site)
25. deja.com (unviewable secure site)
26. adwords.google.com (Adwords main page)
27. adwords.google.ca (Canadian Adwords main page)
28. answers.google.com (Google fee-based research)
29. answer.google.com (Google fee-based research)
30. www.toolbar.google.com (Google toolbar download instructions)
31. toolbar.google.com (Google Toolbar download instuctions)
32. wmlproxy.google.com (unauthorized to view)
33. research.google.com (redirect to Google front page)
34. labs.google.com (Google public beta tester)
35. adwordstest.google.com (redirect to Adwords main page)
36. wapsearch.google.com (unviewable secure site)
37. www.adwords.com.ve (Adwords main page)
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