Monday, October 13, 2003

MoPilot Live Searches Spy on the Wireless World 

Mopilot is a leader in bridging the gap between mobile computing and HTML databases. " Developed in early 1999 by wap4.com, a small team led by its CTO Dieter Kneffel and CIO Sandra Leyh tailored what soon should become the world's first real search engine for wml pages. Since then, our automated html/wml-crawler constantly digs the internet for appropriate contents," they explain on the mopilot site.

The mopilot Live Search page is the voyeur for their search engine, and it provides lists of the fifteen latest search phrases designated by agent- mobile WML or HTML. Here is one set of the latest searches on mopilot today:

1. new mobile phone's
2. pinkworld
3. gay
4. pics
5. hooligan
6. tones
7. girls
8. Gay downloads
9. pictures
10. girls
11. pictures
12. girls
13. skin head
15. orange
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