Monday, October 13, 2003

Metaspy Lets You Search the Search Engines 

The giant meta-searcher Metacrawler has a place where you can see what other users are looking for at Metaspy. Every 15 seconds Metaspy presents a new sample of current terms, and the sister site Meatspy Exposed allows you to see an unfiltered list of in-progress searches for mature audiences only.

This is a sample from the filtered Metaspy:

1. "diet pregnancy"
2. helena mt airport
3. andrew mcdermott artist author
4. wyandotte michigan community center
5. kay yerger
6. free babyshower games
7. african american christmas cards
8. personal naturist photos
9. yahoo photos

The Meatspy Exposed was a letdown, as instead of raw torrents of adult-oriented language, it was simply a more charmingly intellectual version of Metaspy. There were no cuss words or gross misspellings, or even bizarre queries. Here is one set of words being sought:

1. illustrator tutorials
2. jessica's cafe delafield wisconsin
3. "snoopy"+party+supplies
4. ross medical education
5. freud "invented dreams"
6. bermuda dunnes, ca
7. machining data handbook
8. google
9. threesome stories
10. art emily adams
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