Monday, October 13, 2003

Kanoodle Can Show Odd Search Requests 

The search engine Kanoodle uses a database of over 350 million keywords for finding information about anything on the web. Kanoodle Search Spy is the real-time tool to view what others seek. As they offer raw queries, they have posted a warning "The following page contains unfiltered content which may be considered obscene or offensive to some people. If you believe that you will not be offended by such content and are over the age of 21 years you must agree to the terms below by clicking the "I Agree" link."

The Kanoodle Search Spy tool posts the last 10-12 terms sent to their engine, refreshing the list every ten seconds. Here are some terms that popped up on Kanoodle today:

vitamin D, Yahoo.com, sell, horse weight gain, woman health, pulled groin muscle treatment, levitra, people search, caffeine studies, colorlinez, splenda and pregnancy, Tim Dede, door, Hedstrom gym set, bilder, trip Brazil, shopping, Winsor pilates discount, disabled development, moonalisa, Big Mac calories.
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