Sunday, October 19, 2003

Executives Most Common Requests Shown Daily at Forbes Search Spy 

Forbes.com publishes a list of the twenty-four most-requested executive query terms on their search page and smaller sample lists from it appear on other pages. Their lists are linked to associated articles in their database and there is no other data as to frequency, methodology, or filters. Consider their order and content as pointing in the general direction but not certifiably accurate.

Also let it be noted that the two entries with quotation marks do not pull up info but return a blank search page. This is a simple typing error, but it makes the list not completely functioning, it makes them look careless or tacky, and it seems to deny the information exists. Is this list from their professional business journal traffic or a third-party commercial webmaster? Who would have guessed this order or line of inquiry:

The Twenty-Four Most-Requested Executive Search Terms on Sunday, Ocober 19, 2003

1. Vitamins
2. NFL
3. Shanghai
4. Jonathan Fahey
5. IRA
6. Guru Picks
8. Wells Real Estate
9. Unions
10. Perks
11. Employment
12. O'Quinn
13. Langreth
14. "Health Insurance"
15. 401K
16. India
17. Insurance
18. "Life Insurance"
19. Green Bay
20. Benefits
21. Designe
22. Union
23. TiVo
24. Retirement
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