Monday, October 13, 2003

Daypop Crawls Blogs and News Media for Common Themes 

Everyday Daypop measures nearly sixty thousand news sites and blogs to come up with the most popular subjects of the day. In explaining the relevency ratings for link analysis, they state, "trend analysis constructs a ranked list of hyperlinks based on freshness and popularity culled from weblogs within its index."

"The second method of trend analysis uses the concept of "Word Bursts". These are words that have experienced a heightened usage within the past couple days. The Word Burst page ranks the top twenty of these words in the blogging world. They act as indicators of memes that don't necessarily have an authoritative link and therefore wouldn't make it on to the Top 40 page," according to Daypop, who also produces a daily Top News Burst page.

Daypop Top Blog Bursts
1. Shirin, lech
2. rehab
3. olympian
4. lolita
5. pondered
6. walesa
7. screener
8. Lackawanna
9. rafah
10. OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference)
11. portent
12. slush
13. inhaler
14. rendezvous
15. bulldozing
16. decorate
17. losung
18. nomenclature

Daypop Top News Bursts
1. conjoined
2. dodgers
3. subs
4. Ebadi
5. Shoemaker
6. rehab
7. separated
8. ACC
9. resignations
10. rafah
11. jockey
12. footsteps
13. disputes
14. Robertson
15. shiites
16. frets
17. Ferrari
18. insecurities
19. tunnels
20. Mindy
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