Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Clever blo.gs Readers Rate Dive Into Mark Number One 

The multitude of services from Jim Winstead Jr.'s blo.gs make it easier than ever to keep up with all the pages you like to visit on the web. Daily automatic emails will review the changes made on any of the 827, 264 weblogs you have added to your personal favorites. They can show you weblogs related to your favorite, blogs recommended by others who like the same stuff you do and links to other blog services. Their updates are available in almost any format and they monitor posts and pings from international bloggers. Other features include a random blog viewer and Feedster search.

Ten Most Popular Sites of Readers at blo.gs

#1- dive into mark

#2- Boing Boing Blog

#3- kottke.org

#4- Slashdot

#5- Google Weblog

#6- phil ringnalda dot com

#7- MetaFilter

#8- Scripting News

#9- Simon Willison's Weblog

#10- Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
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