Friday, October 24, 2003

California Senator Feinstein urges "We Must Stay the Course" --Until When? 

October 24, 2003
From: senator@feinstein.senate.gov

Dear Ms. Martin:

Thank you for writing to me regarding the Bush
Administration's requests for additional funding for post-war Iraq
and Afghanistan. I appreciate hearing from you.

While U.S. forces overthrew the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan and President Bush declared an end to major combat
operations in Iraq in May, conditions in parts of Iraq and
Afghanistan continue to be unstable and long-term costs related to
the conflict and reconstruction remain fluid.

After months of uncertainty regarding the true cost of our
military operations, I believe the time has come for this
Administration to provide detailed plans to Congress and the
American people regarding the myriad of issues we still face in Iraq
and Afghanistan, especially if President Bush wants Congress to
approve an additional $87 billion to fund reconstruction efforts and
military operations.

As a result I have introduced legislation requiring the White
House to submit a detailed report to Congress on the situation in
Iraq within 60 days. Specifically, the legislation calls on the
President to explain the current economic, political, and military
situation in Iraq, including a detailed plan for providing security in
Iraq, restoring basic services and establishing Iraqi self government.

We have assumed an enormous responsibility in Iraq and
Afghanistan and we must stay the course, but we need to hear from
the Administration on how it intends to stay that course and where
that course will lead us.

Please know that I will keep your comments in mind when
the Senate considers the Presidents request. Again, thank you for
writing me regarding this important issue. If you have any
additional comments or questions please contact my office at (202)

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

I had written her a few days before specifically to question the idiotic proposal to make reconstruction aid loans.
Let's respond, ok?

DiFi---Diagnosis: Momism. Don't be a war hawk. Stop foreign intervention! Lay down our arms, pull out, apologize, give them all the oilfields and new industries and machinery present at this moment and just go. It's gonna take decades for them to rebuild--ask Japan or Britain or France.

I have always admired you and want to like you, but I can't believe the warmongering and I can't abide the silent witness. You and other Democratic representatives have to raise your collective voice or be accused of facilitating this entire bogus administration's war/terrorism/anti-civil liberty agenda.

Every second longer our troops are there, we are prolonging the pain and humiliation of destruction of their whole lives,for nothing. The troops are morally corrupted and brutalized in ways that no one can ever tell, for nothing. The citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq have been disrespected, dispersed, interfered with and radicalized against Americans, for nothing. No WMD. Nothing.
Thanks for writing me. --Mary
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