Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Blogwise Ranks Top Fifty Weblogs By Visitor Popularity 

The developing service blogwise is undertaking an attempt at a establishing an intuitive interbational weblog directory. They have enlisted 9,524 different blogs and sort them by country and keywords.

They use a different method of measuring popularity than Technorati, who uses the number of blogs linked to a site to score popularity.

Over at blogwise, they track the number of readers who access individual blog journals by using the GeoURLwhich locates the site by geographic URL mapping. They have posted their list of the top 50 blogs by popularity. Above it was a warning to notice the counts are frozen while they upgrade the site.

The blogwise Ten Most-Popular International Blogs

1. Flombaum Dot Com- 4292 Visits
2. The Bob and Mary Show- 4079 Visits
3. Shithappens- 3951 visits
4. Crap Magazine- 3902 Visits
5 Velcrometer- 3710 Visits
6. Kids Korner- 3073 Visits
7. Insert Catchy Title Here- 2906 Visits
8. The Presurfer- 2471 Visits
9.The Audi Olympics- 2184 Visits
10. ASP-Rider (Persian )- 2154 Visits

A comparison of three of these blog popularity lists show almost none of the top blogs in blogwise make the Daypop or Technorati top ten.

1. Slashdot- #1 Technorati popularity/5824 links, #1 Daypop Citations/813, #1 Daypop Score

2. BlogShares-#2 Technorati popularity/5642 links

3. Blogskins- #3 Technorati popularity/3895 links

4. Technorati- #4 Technorati popularity/2531 links

5. balmasque-#5 Technorati popularity/3400 links

6. boingboing- #6 Technorati popularity/2381 links, #2 Daypop Citations/768, #3 Daypop Score,

7. Blogwise- #7 Technorati popularity/2635 links

8. Instapundit- #8 Technorati popularity/2634 links, #4 Daypop Citations/623, #4 Daypop Score,

9. The Friday Five- #9 Technorati popularity/2340 links

10. Penny-Arcade- #10 Technorati popularity/2293 links

Metafilter was #5 on Daypop citations and score lists, but not so on Technorati. Other popular Daypop blogs that were not on Technorati's list were: Scripting News- #3 on Daypop citations and #7 score, Dive into Mark- #6 Daypop citations, #25 Daypop score, kottke.org- #7 Daypop citations, #15 Daypop score, Fark- #8 Daypop citations and #6 Daypop score, AndrewSullivan.com- #9 Daypop citations and #10 Daypop score, The Drudge report- #10 daypop citations and #8 Daypop score, Fresh Meat- #9 Daypop score and Blogalia.com- #2 Daypop score and #50 Daypop citations(143).

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