Monday, October 13, 2003

Ask Jeeves Search Spy IQ Tells Wrong from Right 

Jeeves IQ is the peek behind the screen for the most common searches on their engine. Ask Jeeves is one of the most user-friendly engines, simulating a consultation with a researcher by facilitating full sentence requests. They probably get more questions about how to do things and what is the formula.

They have several small lists of results for the past week, but the best one is the Top Misspelled Searches. Here are the five most-popular misspelled Ask Jeeves searches for the week of Ocober 3rd as they are commonly misspelled:

1. Jonny Depp
2. Blazin squad
3. Josh Harnett
4. Fabolous
5. Britany Spears

The Top Ask Jeeves searches for the week of October 3rd are:

1. Lyrics
2. Dictionary
3. Games
4. Jokes
5. Free ringtones
6. Maps
7. Horoscopes
8. Free clipart
9. Halloween costumes
10. Food

It can be ascertained from this list that Jeeves has selective hearing and does not account for all the searches for free sex and free porn that must innevitably come his way.

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