Monday, October 13, 2003

AltaVista Real Searches Displays the Latest Wants in News, Audio and Video 

AltaVista has a spy feature called Real Searches to enable users to see five of the latest requests sought in six different categories: Audio, News, Video, Images, Directory, and Web. This is not a total spy, as the results seem to be filtered for some offensive content. The AltaVista voyeur filter seems to skew the results toward common themes in each category, as you can see by refreshing the lists.

Looking just at the web requests on AltaVista shows these consecutive responses:

1. thai recipes
2. quilting patterns
3. life insurance quotes
4. divx
5. post-traumatic stress
6. hinduism
7. human anatomy
8. rural Russia
9. hydroquinone
10. pictures of london

Another set of ten recent AltaVista requests for audio disclose:

1. south park
2. john philip sousa
3. howard stern fartman
4. james bond 007
5. the doors "the end"
6. surfin bird
7. johann sebastian bach
8. battle hymn of the republic
9. "ray charles"
10. nuns
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